Discounted candy – perfectly edible, just a little late

Today I just bought almost $7.00 in Easter candy for only 63 cents!  WooHoo!

Yes, I said Easter.  I know, Easter’s been over for almost 2 weeks already.  But that’s no reason to stop now.  The candy’s still good and best of all its DIRT CHEAP!

Years ago you could buy Cadbury Crème Eggs “in season” for only $.25 apiece.  I’d buy boxes at a time and eat them all through the Spring.  Eventually the prices jumped to $1 and that ended my Crème Egg fixation.  I loved those Eggs but not THAT much.

Then one day I stopped by a local Wal-Mart the day after Easter and there on the shelf were dozens of Eggs for only $.11 each!  Holy Crap!  Sure enough I bought out the shelf and now every year I make it a habit to wait until after Easter to fill up.

Apparently I’m not the only one who now does this as I’ve missed out on the Eggs more than once, but I usually can score something Easter-ish.  There are no more Cadbury Crème Eggs left at my CVS now, but today I did buy 2 Russell Stover Maple Cream Eggs and 5 packages of Cadbury Mini-Eggs – all for only $.09 each.  They might be “out of season” but they still taste great and you can’t beat the price.

Retailers price seasonal candy way too high nowadays hoping to cash in on consumer sentimentality during the holidays so it makes good sense to wait a little while and then buy it when it goes on sale.  I do the same after Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, too.  Give me a quarter and some “out of season” chocolate-covered marshmallows shaped like Santa and I’m there!

And if you’re worried about how long that favorite little treat of yours might last, don’t be.  According to Anna Lingeris, global brand manager for The Hershey Company, “They generally have a shelf life of up to 11 months.  Chocolate products will maintain their quality if stored in a cool, dry place (55-60 degrees F).”  The only exception to this are the higher-end box chocolates sold by companies like Russell Stover and Whitman’s, which are generally good for two months after the holiday season.

But now the supplies of 90%-off Easter Candy are quickly dwindling down and it’s 6 still more months until Halloween.  Too bad there’s no Independence Day Cream Eggs or Labor Day Chocolate Bunnies…

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