Cheap gas, compliments of Stop & Shop

Supermarket discount cards are pretty ubiquitous.  Between my girlfriend and I we have cards for A&P, ShopRite, Kings, and Stop & Shop.

Most, if not all, supermarket chains offer discounts on food and sundries at their respective stores when you present the card to the cashier and signing up for them is free.  We’re heavy frequenters of Stop & Shop and save $300-$500 every year at that store alone by using their card.

[HELPFUL HINT: Even if you don’t have a discount card for a particular store you can sometimes still receive the discounts by asking the cashier if you can use the “store’s card”.  3-out-of-4 times the employee will pull out a card from the register and scan it.  Just remember to be very polite and smile during the entire transaction.  Employees have no desire to help a sourpuss.  Would you?]

Stop & Shop is a 102 year old grocery chain with over 275 stores throughout New England, New York and New Jersey.  Besides the great discounts, well-merchandised stores, wide selections, and their uber-useful home delivery service (Peapod) there’s an additional benefit to using a Stop & Shop card — AWESOME GAS DISCOUNTS!

Every $100 spent in the store earns you $.10 off every gallon of gas on your next purchase at participating Shell gas stations up to $2.20 off per gallon.  Unused points expire 30 days later, but if you shop regularly you can build up a pretty good discount in no time.

In NJ state law prohibits self-service at gas stations so whenever I want to redeem my points I simply hand my card to the attendant.  He/She enters the card number into the pump, selects the grade gas that I want and then the pump automatically rolls back the price per gallon commensurate with my discount.  My local Shell station is about $.13-$.17 per gallon more expensive in each grade than other brands in the area so I always wait until I have at least 200 points on my card (and a near-empty tank) before redeeming it.

Yesterday I cashed in again and saved $.60/gallon!  That meant an extra $9.00 in my pocket that I could now spend elsewhere.

If you live in the Northeast U.S. and are within shopping distance of a Shop & Shop I highly recommend signing up for the program.  Your stomach will thank you and your wallet/purse will thank you.


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