Doubling up on the CVS savings

Readers of this blog will learn pretty quickly, if they haven’t already, that I’m a savings geek and love turning discounts into bigger discounts.  CVS is one of my favorite places to do so – partly because it’s right up the block from my house, but also because of their discounts.

I have their rewards card which, like supermarket cards, provides discounts on select items.  As a cardholder I also receive almost weekly discounts sent to my card and the occasional coupon on the mail good for up to 30% off.  This weekend I cashed in a 30% straight-to-card coupon.

You can’t combine their coupons with other discounts (my card got me $3.00 off a box of Cocoa Pebbles, but I couldn’t take another 30% off), but you can still game the system if you know how.

Two bottles of hairspray earned me $10 in ExtraBucks Rewards which is as good as cash and CAN be added on top of any percent off.  There was also a 3-for-$6 SoftSoap products sale which not only saved me $2.97 but also earned me another $3 in ExtraBucks Rewards.

All told, I bought $143.11 in products for only $95.58 + tax.  The $13 in ExtraBucks Rewards effectively drops that down to $82.58 for a total savings of almost 58%.  And I plan on using the $13 with the 25% coupon I just received in the mail for another round of savings.

Gotta love it.

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