Price Rewind: A Nifty Feature From Citibank

I’ve never sought out credit cards based on cashback features or other little goodies so it’s nice when one of my cards seeks me out.  Last year my Citibank credit card started offering me Price Rewind.

Citi Price Rewind

Simply put, once the charge appears in your transaction history you can enter items from the purchase into the PR program.  If they find a lower price within 60 days of your purchase it will prompt you to request the price difference back, up to $300 per item.  Refunds are then applied directly to your credit card balance.

Step 1

You buy.

So you’ve bought something new. Here’s what you do next:

  • Save your receipt.
  • Search in the Citi Price Rewind database for the item you bought within the last 60 days.
  • Select your item, enter the purchase details and submit.

If you don’t see your exact item in the database or if you find a lower advertised price on your own, you may download the claim form and submit via fax or mail.

Step 2

We track.

We’ll look for a lower price than what you paid for the item you just registered. If we find one within 60 days of purchase, we’ll send you an email confirmation.

Step 3

You save.

  • If we find a lower price, you can submit your claim right here, by fax or mail. You’ll be asked to confirm your purchase details before submitting your claim, plus you may need to include an uploaded photo or scanned copy of your original purchase receipt to request a refund.
  • Don’t forget — your claim must be submitted within 180 days from the date you made your covered purchase.
  • If approved, get a refund of the price difference, up to $300 per item, $1,200 per year!

So far I’ve only used it for purchases at Home Depot, Walmart and Barnes & Noble, but any dry goods purchased in non-grocery or pharmacy stores are eligible.

It doesn’t always find a lower price and the most it’s ever found me on a single item so far has been a $2.94 refund on a Disneynature: Monkey Kingdom DVD, but every little bit counts and I’ll take whatever I can get.  Since last year I’ve been refunded $9.88 on just 16 item searches.  Citibank is now seeking out better pricing for me on my new mailbox (thanks, drunk driver!), Kidde carbon monoxide detector, Bayer Durazone weed killer, and SPAX screws.

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