Boaty McBoatface

(This post doesn’t have anything to do with saving money or stretching a dollar, but I have seriously enjoyed following this story since it broke here in the colonies last month.  Today’s NY Times has a great follow-up article)

A computer generated image of the Natural Environment Research Council’s new polar research ship, which was the subject of a public naming campaign. (Credit Natural Environment Research Council, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images )

Recently, the Natural Environment Research Council, a British government agency, held a public contest to name a new $287 million polar research ship.  After much debate and publicity the government chose “R.R.S. Sir David Attenborough”.  That’s a pretty respectable name, honoring one of the country’s moved beloved broadcasters.  The problem is, that name was only #4 on the list with a little over 11,000 votes.

With 124,000 votes, the overwhelming choice was…  “Boaty McBoatface”.

Apparently the agency didn’t think that name was appropriate, given the scientific purpose of the vehicle.  But all was not lost – the agency did compromise and Boaty McBoatface will eventually sail the seas.  Well… UNDER the seas, really, as a remotely-controlled submarine that will support the research crew by collecting samples and data.

It’s not the most popular solution but at least Boaty’s gonna get his due.  And now I’ve got a new name for my fantasy football team.  🙂

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