Free wine! …and art, too

Photography has been an interest and a creative outlet for me since I was little.  Last year I joined a photography group to re-spark that interest.  The group is big on exhibits.  Every month there’s another exhibition or 2 that the group is hosting.  And members frequently take part in other group and singular exhibits.

Seeing the different photographic styles and learning about their processes is stimulating.  I treat the exhibitions as a continuation of my high school Visual Communications class assignments.  I’ll occasionally submit pre-existing photos for consideration but I also supplement those entries with new work inspired by the theme of the exhibition.  Some of my best work has come from pushing myself to create images worthy of the exhibitions.

Another great part of art exhibitions is the Artists’ Reception.  AR’s give the public an opportunity to meet the artist(s) and view the artwork.  Conversely, artists get a chance to show off the work they spent so long perfecting.

There’s also an unspoken extra bonus in attending an AR… FREE WINE AND FOOD!  It’s traditional for the presenting artist/group to have a table laid out with drinks and appetizers as a thank you for coming out to their AR.  I don’t take advantage of the service, nor do I attend AR’s for the beverages, but I do appreciate it.

When 2 of my pieces were excepted into a gallery show in Maplewood, NJ there were enough of us chipping in money towards the AR that the resultant spread was pretty extensive.  I had no issues with helping make sure that there were few leftovers when we closed the gallery that day.  🙂

If you ever attend an AR help yourself to the food and drinks – even if you don’t know any of the presenting artists.  It’s there as a thank you for coming out and supporting the arts.

…plus it’s delicious!

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