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I love using sites like to get discounts on my online purchases.  But there’s also another way to save while shopping, especially if it’s a site you’ve never done business with before.

Most businesses monitor their site traffic.  If they see someone almost complete a purchase (add items to their cart, enter their contact/shipping info, and then leave the site without clicking through to the end) it gets their attention.

There are many reasons why someone didn’t complete the purchase – ran short of time, better deal elsewhere, computer issues, etc.  Without knowing the real reason a sale didn’t go through, the business will try to entice the purchaser back by sending them a discount coupon good towards their next purchase.

The discounts vary by company but I’ve received discounts of up to 20% off by purposefully cancelling my purchase at checkout.  The most common coupon – at least with my own experiences – is $10 off my next purchase.  Usually that’s enough to incite me to go back in and complete the sale.

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