Making money with your car without having to deal with people

If you want to make a few extra dollars on the side there’s plenty you can do with your car, truck, or van – make deliveries, move large items for people, become a Uber/Lyft driver, or lease your car to others when you’re not using it.  I could do those things, too, but I’d rather not open my vehicles up to wear and tear by others.  For me there’s a simpler less… “invasive” approach…

Yesterday I signed up with Carvertise to offer my vehicle as a rolling advertisement.  I have a brand new 2016 Mustang, a clean driving record, and am within their marketing region (Mid-Atlantic states).  It also helps that I drive the requisite 800+ miles per month to qualify.

At Carvertise, qualified drivers earn $100/month for the duration of the campaign.  The advertising comes in the form of professionally-applied vinyl decals specifically formulated for use on cars.  The vinyl will not damage your car – it comes off very clean and actually protects your car’s paint from weathering while applied.  The only thing for the driver to do is drive as you normally would since your current driving habits and routes are some of the criteria that got you selected in the first place.

To be sure, there are plenty of “car ad scams” out there, but Carvertise is a legitimate business that does not require any upfront costs from the vehicle owner.  In addition, they and other legit businesses like Wrapify,, Pay Me for Driving, and Autowrapped vet potential drivers via a survey of driving habits, requirements of valid vehicle insurance, and give you a means to contact them directly on their websites.

Most if not all of these companies stick to a specific geographic region – predominantly in more populated areas or states.  I just happened to luck out with being in Carvertise’s target area (NJ) and meet their requirements for consideration.

After signing up (for free – NEVER pay to sign up with any of these ad services!) I received a pretty nice email from them:

Thank you for signing up to be a Carvertise driver! 

We have received your driving data and will be in contact via email when we match you with an advertising campaign in your area. Please keep in mind that we are currently located in the Mid-Atlantic Region, so for the time being we only have the ability to work with car drivers in the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey regions.

Our goal is to find you a suitable advertiser so we are working hard to create a match.

Best Wishes,

Carvertise Driver Support Team


Fingers crossed that I get selected.  I could use some money to subsidize my car payments. 🙂

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