From T-Mobile’s Free Pokémon Go Data Isn’t Worth the Trouble

I’m not into phone-based games and was born a little too early to be part of the original Pokémon craze, so when Pokémon Go made big headlines last week I was curious enough to find out what it is but not enough to play it.  Other companies are now trying to jump on the PG bandwagon, including mobile carrier T-Mobile.  I found this tidbit from quite interesting – and a reminder to all that you need to break down these so-called great deals to find out if they’re really so great after all (and this one certainly isn’t):

T-Mobile’s Free Pokémon Go Data Isn’t Worth the Trouble – (e)

T-Mobile has been exempting some music and video data from its caps for a while now, so the Pokémon tie-in shouldn’t be surprising. Besides, any company that’s willing to give away stock to new customers is probably willing to hand out data-candy. But while the potential music and, especially, video savings are legitimate, it turns out that racking up Pidgeys doesn’t chew through much of your plan at all. As the WSJ reported, P3 Communications pegged the Pokémon Go data gulpage at a measly five to 10 megabytes per hour. To fill up a 2GB plan, you’d have to spend more time playing Pokémon Go than you would working a full-time job. As it turns out, after you run the numbers, it’s not much of an offering at all.

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