Who is this guy and why should I be reading his blog?

Answer #1:  His name… er, MY name… is Mitch

Answer #2:  This site is a result of living on tight budgets for most of my adult life.  Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at researching products, scouring sites for the most helpful reviews, finding coupons and cash-back sites, and generally running the razor’s edge of Analysis Paralysis without falling in.

As a result, I’ve been able to live relatively comfortably even when money’s been tight.  And I’ve come away with some very satisfying purchases, knowing that I did my due diligence in winnowing down my choices to find what’s best suited for me.

I’ve used it to find a house that I love (and can afford), keep up that house, budget for my drag racing hobby (okay… addiction), pursue my love of photography, and support our love of rural exploration – all while keeping my monthly expenses under control.

Over the years my friends and family have benefited from my ability to pick out apples from a pile of oranges (whatever that means).  Eventually I figured it might be helpful to spread that same wealth of knowledge with a broader audience — you!